Prague - it is totally history itself: from a mysterious medieval times to the present day .

Our guides and highly interesting sightseeing tours help to plunge into the past , into the spirit of our time.

Individual and group , walking and bus tours both in the Czech Republic and other European cities , these all fill the stay even more colors and unforgettable impressions .

Recently gaining immense popularity two days tour , allowing for a short time to meet not only the beauty of the Czech Republic, but also to visit Vienna, Bratislava , Budapest, Munich, as well as to visit Switzerland.

Excursions in the Czech Republic and neighboring states for every taste

We offer you a huge selection of tours not only in Czech Republic but also abroad , for example in Germany, Hungary, Austria.

You can choose cheap walking and bus sightseeing tours for 2-3 hours , for a day or a couple of days and even overnight ! Note that you can choose guided tours (10 people or more ), or individual tours with a personal guide with a comfortable car with climate control .

During the tour, participants are introduced to the many cultural and historical sights , including the impressive castles , differing from each other by its architecture and construction time .

Independently of the length and theme excursions , they are conducted by professional have all the necessary licenses . For the convenience you can use headphones , so you hear every word and will not pass by interesting objects.

Themed beer tours

In addition to regular tours that are organized throughout the year , we offer special programs to mark the holidays and cultural events , such as the famous Octoberfest.

Foreigners associate Czech Republic with beer , so we offer a variety of themed excursions in the program which included a visit to the country's best breweries , including the Royal Brewery " KRUSOVICE " which pleases Czechs its unique products from the distant 1517 . Tasting different beers and traditional dishes helps to become better acquainted with the Czech Republic . Many of our customers confess that due to the excursions , they learn the true taste and feel the mood of the Czech Republic.

Excursions to special conditions

We recommend to buy excursion packages in advance and on more favorable terms than in Prague itself . We offer packages with excursions departing from different cities of Russia , including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar , Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm , Novosibirsk, Rostov-on- Don, Samara, Ufa . In this case, you can not only economize on the price of excursions , but also much better and more closely to know about the history of the Czech Republic and neighboring countries , cultural and architectural monuments , as in such excursion packages programs carefully designed and planned.