organization of events

Professional activities organization

If you want to have a family celebration, please the child by event or holiday you plane the corporate , please contact to us - our company provides services for organizing events of any size and format.

For holding children's parties , corporate party or a formal dinner we will offer you different places , and you choose the appropriate ones . This may be not only the traditional cafe or restaurant , but also a historic castle , where we will arrange it with restaurant service . Authentic decor give a special charm to the whole event on the stage and in the hall.

In discussing the program, we offer several options for formal and informal parts. Gala lunch or dinner can be held as a banquet or buffet, we also organize coffee breaks . To an attractive program we invite artists of different genres and organize entertainment shows. Among the most popular of them are the fire show , snake show , fireworks and archery .

Birthdays and anniversaries

Birthday (especially anniversary! ) - It's a great opportunity to meet with friends, invite relatives and colleagues , but the compact size of modern apartments and proximity of any innocent neighbors do not allow fun from the heart . Celebrate with panache in a restaurant or cafe ! And maybe you decide to arrange fun in the ancient castle ? Nothing is impossible . At children's parties , we invite clowns and magicians .

Conferences, symposia

When business events of any scale , we select meeting rooms at hotels or business centers with all necessary equipment and services, including projectors, microphones , translation systems and Wi-Fi. During breaks organize coffee breaks .

Corporate celebrations

Each company has to celebrate important dates and other holidays , such as Christmas and New Year . People turn to us for orders rooms in restaurants and cafes , and organizations providing catering holiday programs with fireworks, fire show and performances by professional artists .

Stag and hen parties

We offer different options for celebrating stag and hen parties , such as a trip to several nightclubs in the program that there is a strip . However, we often develop individual programs for hero of the occasion and his friends. We will certainly take into account all the wishes and connect all its capabilities to transform the whole evening or night in a memorable and exciting show.