individual support

Relaxing holiday or business trip with a personal coordinator

In our office at any time, you can order an exclusive service of individual support. This offer is especially useful for those who prefer to travel in comfort, because in this case the solution to all organizational (and not only!) questions assumes personal guide or coordinator.

Call us and make a personal attendant that you can be useful throughout the trip or during certain hours.

5 Reasons to hire a personal guide or coordinator :

1. To book air / Railway ticket , rent a car , rent a room in a hotel.

2 . To carry anywhere phrasebook not teach urgently foreign words and phrases , when you go to a store or beauty salon .

3 . To negotiate on the phone , because if in the case of personal communication you can hope on body language, when a telephone conversation without the person fluent in the language , it is difficult to do . That such a person during your stay in the Czech Republic becomes our attendant to you.

4 . Guide will take you for individual sightseeing tours , will take in the museums , art galleries, exhibitions and concerts.

5 . From your companion you can always get the latest and useful information on the best shopping and entertainment venues not only in Prague , but also any other cities of the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.

With the support of our experienced staff member in such cases you will be able to travel without language barriers , to get acquainted with the cultural and historical monuments and get thrills while communicating with people . Discover new places for yourself ! And personal guide will take care of your peace , comfort, and will not allow to get lost or bored.